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jbon3*600ORLANDO BUSINESS JOURNAL INTERVIEW: "Jay Bonadio Grows Street wear Business"   Jay Bonadio Jr. aka "Jbon's" business is helping his customers express themselves.   As an Orlando clothing designer, Bonadio is the CEO of Jbon Enterprises, which includes the JbonClothingCo. and BrimSkins brands — both what he calls "Progressive Street Wear" clothing and hat apparel brands. BrimSkins is the first ever hat accessory brand which is both Patented and Trademarked. Made right here int he heart of downtown Orlando.   His 20-plus-employee company has partnered with local Orlando artists and musicians to have his clothing featured in many of downtown Orlando’s nightclubs and stores. His downtown showroom location is in the Hub House at 69 E. Pine Street.   "Jbon" spent a few minutes to talk about his unique company:   When I started my company: I started JbonClothingCo. in 2009 when I graduated from Flagler College. I have always been a street and graphic artist, and learned how to screen-print and fell in love with the process and combined the two to produce a street-wear-style clothing brand. I then decided that printing out of my bedroom just wasn’t going to cut it, so I gathered every penny I had and bought a small warehouse and started from the bottom.   My feature products: The first is JbonClothing, which sells in stores across the U.S., and we sell online at JbonClothing.com. The second product is our BrimSkins, a fabric “wrap” to customize your hat (flat or bent brim) to fit your personality and style. In only six months on the market, BrimSkins is now sold in over 100 stores across the U.S. and in multiple stores in Canada and Puerto Rico.   Company goal for 2013: To continue to move at a steady & consistent rate. Things are flowing very well, and we see a lot on the horizon for BrimSkins during the holiday season of 2013.   My strategies to grow market share: My biggest marketing tool right now is the streets themselves. Stickers, street art and promoting through grassroots marketing is part of our campaign. Also, we have exclusive celebrities and musicians that promote our products thorough theyre music and videos.   Why I started my business in Orlando: Orlando is a growing city. It’s a perfect median between a large city like Miami and a small town like Cocoa Beach. Orlando also has a ton of talent from artists to business professionals who make it easy to work in an area that helps a business owner like myself grow and bring more business and jobs to this city.   People who inspire me: Over the years, I’ve been influenced by a lot of great business people. these people vary from my close family to large industry business moguls.   Where I see my company in five years: I see JbonClothing being one of the most-recognized brands in the street-wear industry, but overall just continuing to create and print my own designs on a mass scale is what I truly strive for. As far as BrimSkins, it is a product that has never been done before, so I aim to see it become a global brand just like every other hat company that is out there now.   see more: JbonClothing.com BrimSkinsOnline.com    
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