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IM HONORED to sit down with NYC's "A.R.T.S.Y. Magazine" and lay down a little knowledge about my company with them to enlighten the fashion world a little more about whats Next with JbonClothing and the incredible rapid growth of BRIMSKINS!!! I must say this is my favorite article written about myself and my companies that I've read yet. they touched base on a lot of really good topics that i do not normally get asked and it really allowed me to open up a little more and let everyone in a little more to the brands background & future. so SPECIAL THANKS to the ARTSY MAG Family! they killed it. follow the link above to see The Full Run Down of what it takes to keep my head up in this industry and also see a ton of great fashion features from all over the world. "



Published On November 8, 2013 “Stop fitting in and start standing out of the crowd” is the motto for Jay Bonadio, the founder and CEO of Orlando’s most recognized brand in street wear fashion, Jbon Clothing Inc. With rising success of latest creation, Brimskins, Bonadio sat down with A.R.T.S.Y to give us a rundown of what his brands represent. After graduating from Flagler College, Bonadio started his company in 2009. Already a talented street and graphic artist by hobby, he took his skills to the next level when he learned to screen-print. “I fell in love with the process and combined the two to produce a killer street wear style clothing brand. I gathered every penny I had, bought a small warehouse and started from there.” He credits his inspiration to the “daily ins and outs of life” ranging from fashion, music and pop culture to his childhood memories and personal emotion. “I truly am a customer of my own product so I design and create from both a creator and consumers prospective.” Both brands received outstanding success, Jbon Clothing holding a strong online presence as a top-selling brand on Karmaloop/Kazbah for three years while Brimskins acquires grand achievement with sales in over 100 stores across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico after debuting to the world within a year. Brimskins is a patented fabric template that allows the consumer to customize their own hats, whether a flat or bent brim to match their personality and individual style to display its full potential. The skins range from different avenues of fabrics such as cotton, felt, satin and patterns include, but not limited to floral, tribal and animal prints. Bonadio strives for continual growth and ensures 100 percent quality at all times as a young entrepreneur under 30 years old and surviving various challenges. “I started my company at 23 years old, so other than always having to prove that my age means nothing, I still have the challenge of gaining the respect from old business owners that I work with.” He adds, “However, after the first time they work with me, the challenge is shortly conquered and respect level is mutual.” Bonadio takes pride in being hands on directly with his staff at his main warehouse in Cocoa Beach, Florida. “Quality control is a huge factor for both Jbon Clothing and Brimskins. I’ve learned to do as much production possible in-house because it allows me to have ultimate control of my product.” Influenced by great business moguls in the street wear industry, Bonadio enjoys having the freedom to create something new each day and enduring the process of building his worldwide brand throughout the good and bad. He admitted that he can’t see himself doing another profession. “I can never see myself doing anything else. I believe at some point in life everyone finds what they are meant to do. Fortunately I was able to find that out at a young age.” Bonadio also advises to up-and-coming entrepreneurs nothing happens overnight and what you believe in will happen as long as you have a passion to do it. Bonadio is always working on the next best thing in street wear fashion. He shared that he has two to three products that will soon debut to the world as an addition to his growing street wear empire. “All I can say for now is to keep an eye out on Brimskins—soon to be in major retail stores and E-commerce sites around the world.” By: Shakira Sealey Original Article available at: http://www.artsymagazine.com/jbon-clothing-stop-fitting-in-and-start-standing-out-of-the-crowd/
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