1. Are these designed for SnapBack hats only or do the BrimSkins “fit” on a New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap? If so, do they fit any size hat?

BrimSkins are compatible with virtually any hat brim, flat or curved.  Each brimskins is made into a universal template that can be applied to a wide variety of brim sizes, from a youth snapback to a 59FIFTY.

  1. Can I just use one brimskin (top or bottom) without the other?

No, It will have an unfinished appearance. The templates coincide with each other to give it a clean, finished look.

  1. Are there instructions on how to apply my brimskin to my hat brim?

Yes, please visit the link at the top of the page that reads “How to Apply” for a full video tutorial.

  1. What are the materials of a BrimSkin? Is it actually textured or just printed on a smooth surface?

All brimskins are made of fabric. 100% cotton, satin, felt, etc. We do not manufacture any brimskins from any plastic materials.

     5.    Are they re-usable?

 Brimskins are intended to be applied one time, and to one specific hat. Repeated removal will deteriorate the adhesive properties.

     6.    Do they stick onto any type of fabric/surface of various brands of hats?

Yes, they will stick to all brim surfaces.

     7. If I end up removing a BrimSkin after a while, will it leave any type of mark, stain, glue, etc on my hat?

No, it will not damage the hat when removed. The skin itself may not be usable again after time but the hat brim will remain undamaged, and should look just like it did before skinning it.

  1. Can you wash the hat with a brimskin on it?

Yes, brimskins can be dampened, but is not recommended as it may damage the pattern.

  1. Can I wholesale purchase BrimSkins for my store/boutique?

Yes, if you would like to start a wholesale account with BrimSkins, please email

decartais@aol.com for more info.

    10. How do I find a local BrimSkins Dealer?

Please use the Dealer Locator from the main menu under Shop on our website to search for local dealers in your area. You can search for a dealer by State, Zip Code, or Shop Name.

  1. Do you provide custom patterns for customers?

Yes we do. Please visit the Custom Page to start creating your very own custom Brimskin.

  1. Is there any sewing involved with skinning my hat brim?

None at all! This is a completely D.I.Y. hat customization that requires no sewing or special skills whatsoever. 

  1.  I have more questions how can I contact you?

Please feel free to drop us a message by visiting our CONTACT page above.